Lonely Road: Three Steps To Prepare To Check Yourself Into A Treatment Center

The best person to determine if you need help, is you. If you have been dealing with a substance abuse issue, but you have been hiding it, others around you may not know that something is wrong. If you have admitted to yourself that you need help before your issue gets worse, it is best to check yourself into a treatment center as soon as possible. Although going to treatment is a huge, life-changing step, it can be difficult to plan everyday life around going to a treatment center. From your job, to bills, to familial obligations, you will need to settle your everyday life to go to rehab. Here are three tips on how you can prepare your outside life to take a time out so that you can go to a treatment center. 

Sublet your apartment

If you go into treatment for 30 to 90 days and it is too difficult to pay your rent while you are off of work, you should find someone to sublet your apartment or home. Finding a subletter means that you do not have to pay rent while paying for treatment. It also means that you can dodge any sort of eviction and start over after rehabilitation. Find a family member or friend to move your items to for the duration that you are in rehab. 

Get approved medical leave

If you plan to go to rehabilitation for 30 days, you should get an approved leave for your job. Some jobs will offer short-term disability leave and allow you to get disability payment while you are on break. If you have days or hours for paid leave stored, you should also utilize this time for your rehabilitation treatment. if you do not have paid leave, ask to take a leave of absence for 30 days while you are in treatment. If you go with unpaid absence, work overtime hours before you go to treatment. This will give you money to live on once you leave rehabilitation. 

Have a meeting with family and friends

Informing your family and friends that you are going to rehab will not be easy, but it will be necessary. Your family and friends need to know about your issue so that they can support you with treatment and beyond. Once you have a family meeting, you can also ask for the help that you need. You may need people to care for your pets, help with babysitting your children, or take care of bill payments while you are in treatment. Coming clean to family and asking for help will allow your loved ones to step up and aid you through your treatment process when you need help the most.